She bought Bunty Magazine.

Last night I treated myself to some phish food, R&B, and the September issues of the trinity. I was literally consumed by fashion lit and although I still haven’t had time to process each publication and every feature, I feel a lot more inspired and less uptight (for some reason?).

Everyone went scatty for the obvious in Vanity Fair -Gaga’s 6 page fashion orgasm (which I will say is stunning, although I am quite bored of her face now) but I zoned in on another little piece of style. Sadly there was only room for one DPS, so here’s the rest of the shoot. These are the girls that will have you tuning into Terry Winter’s (of The Sopranos) new series, Boardwalk Empire, every week. It’ll be helped by the fact that Steve Buscemi plays the lead however, and also won’t hurt by the fact that Scorsese is a guest director. Babes in Mobland by Ellen Von Unwerth.


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