She accessorized with grass stains. [AW Accessories]

AW accessories you can start buying me…nnnnnnnnnNOW!

It’s a harness. A HARNESS. (

I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted something like this since I was ten…or twenty… (

I would also like this in chair form. (New Look)

I lost a Vuitton similar to this about two years ago. I have yet to get over it. (Givenchy at House of Fraser)

I’ve several envelope clutches already, but seeing as though it’s a trend and all… (YSL at HoF)

Layering please, and lots of it. (House of Fraser)


One response to “She accessorized with grass stains. [AW Accessories]

  1. oh. my. god. i MUST have that harness/ necklace. damn you entirely. this is my month of saving and frugality and now i already have the asos page open and searching. damn damn damn.

    love the tone of this blog by the by! really enjoying it! gonna link you


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