She couldn’t make her own decisions. [Acne Admire boots]

Ok so, I’ve been mulling over these Acne Admire boots for about two weeks now (which is a hella lotta time for me to mull) and I just can’t seem to decide.

I’ve wanted a pair of good shoes ever since I remember however have been quite content to settle (I say settle) for Topshop every few months. But now, in two words, I WANT.

The question is; should I?

They will cost me a month’s rent.

Putting it into perspective (my perspective at least) these, I believe, will cost me about four months rent so…

(Burberry Prorsum)


3 responses to “She couldn’t make her own decisions. [Acne Admire boots]

  1. Just stumbled on the blog today and really like it.

    On the subject of the boots though, I had to vote no. Not because of the boots per se, but because of the terrifying repressed memories that came flooding back to me the instant I saw them. Of 70s-esque platforms being ‘in’ and 14 year old aisling walking around in a particularly hideous black pair a size too big due to a mother falsely convinced that her feet were still going. And while the boots you’ve posted have a lot going for them and actually look nothing like my platform fail, they’re big and they’re black and I feel traumatised as only one looking back on childhood fashion disasters can!

  2. Hi Ais,

    Glad you like the blog! As I read your comment I thought of a time, way back when, when me and my ‘best friend’ bought a pair of white PVC wedges for £2 in a sale of work with the hopes of looking like Emma Bunton. They too were three sizes too big for me (Kim was a lot taller than me you see) and sharing them became more trouble than it’s worth. Now I will have to have a serious think about these Acne boots.

    Josie x

  3. Update:

    I am now toying with the idea of buying an acoustic guitar instead of the shoes.

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