She wore hats. [Erin Wasson Style]

There’s not a fashion blogger out there who would nay say Erin Wasson’s personal style. The woman is a hundred times more captivating standing at the side of the road in jeans than she is half naked in a William Rast commercial.

Her style is going to be huge by the looks of things however it’s difficult to pull off.

You have to exert suaveness, with a touch of nonchalance and finish it off with a dash of diffidence. A challenge in any man’s language.

Failing that get yourself a big fur coat and a floppy hat and make eye contact with no one. See Acne’s pre SS collection beneath. Or get the look with AWear’s new boho range.

Acne Pre SS collection:

AWear fur gillet:


2 responses to “She wore hats. [Erin Wasson Style]

  1. Yea she’s pretty God damn beautiful…

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