She felt all warm inside. [Dublin fashion blogs unite]

I’ve had a bit of a rough two weeks, so when I came into work on Tuesday morning I was tired, upset and pissed off. I checked my blog, as I normally do in the morning, and spotted a link from Blanaid. When I clicked on the page I was slightly shocked to see a screen shot of my banner and a piece on my blog under her ‘irish blogs’ post.

Then I was very happy.

WFWF is a new born in blog terms, I’ve wanted to do it ever since I first went into journalism school but couldn’t quite get it right. And so, it’s so humbling to see someone is enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing it (and researching it), especially someone as wonderfully talented as Blanaid Hennessy. Check out what she says here.

Thanks again Blanaid.


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