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[What I wore Wednesday] She frequented the local.

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A little drink at the local and a quiet stroll home

Coat: Vintage (My mom’s!)
Dress: Penneys
Feather thing: Zara
Boots: River Island (the best thing about winter)
Bag: Some shop in Santa Barbara


She caught her favourite dress in a slide [Penneys Winter 2010]

Printed chiffon maxi dress €25.00 in store mid October worn with cable knit cropped jumper €12.00 due in store mid September colours: cream/purple/mustard and skinny bow belt €2.00 in store mid October colours: tan/black and clog shoe boot €23.00 due in store mid September in black/tan  all from the Penneys Winter Collection for 2010/11.

Long sleeve printed playsuit €17.00 due  in store mid September worn with embellished turn lock x-body bag €11.00 due in store beg November and skinny bow waisted belt €2.00 in store mid October Ð colours: tan/black.   Socks 3 pack €3.00 in store now.

Jacquard elastic waist trousers €15.00 due in store beg November worn with music theme tee shirt €8.00 due in store beg September and multi faux fur jacket €35.00 due in store end October. 3 strap buckle boots €23.00 due in store beg November colours: chocolate/black.   Bird ring €3.00 in store beg October.

Who the HELL is styling Penneys’ campaign shots?! Ow my frekin’ ears! *Appalause* *SERIOUS frekin applause*

You sat on the floor and were happy. [B Mag photoshoot choices]

At B Mag headquarters, trying to choose the best from the  Darren Purcell photoshoot myself and Apple Brides styled over the Summer. There’s too many beautiful shots… I am a wash.

She went to the Pictures. [50’s stylie in the city]

Dublin fashion blog

Dublin fashion blog

Dublin fashion blog

Fade street

So you may have noticed my What I wore Wednesdays are a sham. I just can’t get it together photo-wise on such a craptacular day. Wednesday is Tuesday’s Monday, I will not be partaking in it’s ungodliness any more.

Now that that’s out of the way, you should know that I had one of those weekends when you think ‘hey, maybe this whole life-thing ain’t all that bad’. Drinks with friends, finger food with family and a chicken wing-come-cinema Sunday date night fest to wash it all down. I woke up this morning trés fatigue mais trés heureux, ready for a week of campaigning for possum’s rights and lobbying the government to introduce a nine day weekend.

Denim jacket: Vera Moda
Skirt: Where are you now Josie at Topshop
Shoes of death: Topshop
Lips: MAC
Bag: Mulberry
Necklace: Sabotage

She killed the Czar [Russian hats and the Sex Pistols]

what i wore

what i wore

Hat: Russia, 1987
Cardi: H&M
Tee: TK Maxx
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Topshop

[LFW Special: My faves] Mulberry SS2011

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Ahh Mulberry, I always knew we had, ye know, a ‘thing’. Your hair, your ruffles, your sinched in waist bands… and we know last time what happened with your handbags….giggle. It’s like being on a very cool cloud with you Mulberry… And I noticed you’ve been watching Mad Men too? Those trenches… much nicer than those waif like Burberry Prorsum ones… And such striking colours, Mulberr… Like Candy… Anyways, gotta run do my nails… We’ll talk soon Mulberry,


[LFW Special: My faves] L.A.M.B SS2011

And the woman herself:

If I had the body of a model I’d give most of this collection a pop. But I don’t, so I’ll just handcuff myself to my bedside table and let the afro-carribbean waves wash over me… Saying that I’ve a pair o’ pants very similar that I got from Penneys during the summer, so I might see what I can do, Gwen.