She would never wear beige [H&M lookbook A/W 2010]

(Couldn’t love this any mroe if I tried)

I don’t know how I haven’t seen some of these lookbook shots yet but I should say that I fair lost my shit when I did. Sadly I feel I’m almost over the camel cape thing (mm hmm, two weeks after getting mine… the fickle world) and aviator jackets are possibly going to be worn by the world and his mother come October (yes, I was late night shopping in Penneys last night… which was almost scarier than the movie I was on my way to).

H&M’s AW line is harking out to Celine and Chloe evidently, it’s all about silhoettes and shapes rather than letting the prints speak for themselves. It’s all very…dare I say… 30s. And I don’t mean the era. At the moment I’m for a fashion ball of supreeze -chic and tailored on the outside, possible madhouse escapee on the inside, hence why I’ll be sticking with jumpsuits, prints, tees and ruffles. You ain’t gonna see me near no high-waisted beige pant for at least another 20-30 years. You have my word.


2 responses to “She would never wear beige [H&M lookbook A/W 2010]

  1. I’ll wait and see what actually ends up in store…H&M lookbooks never seem to show what actually ends up on their shelves and there are normally worlds between the two! I do love most of the pieces shown here though!

  2. I love the second photo. How cosy does she look!!!

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