She went to the Pictures. [50’s stylie in the city]

Dublin fashion blog

Dublin fashion blog

Dublin fashion blog

Fade street

So you may have noticed my What I wore Wednesdays are a sham. I just can’t get it together photo-wise on such a craptacular day. Wednesday is Tuesday’s Monday, I will not be partaking in it’s ungodliness any more.

Now that that’s out of the way, you should know that I had one of those weekends when you think ‘hey, maybe this whole life-thing ain’t all that bad’. Drinks with friends, finger food with family and a chicken wing-come-cinema Sunday date night fest to wash it all down. I woke up this morning trés fatigue mais trés heureux, ready for a week of campaigning for possum’s rights and lobbying the government to introduce a nine day weekend.

Denim jacket: Vera Moda
Skirt: Where are you now Josie at Topshop
Shoes of death: Topshop
Lips: MAC
Bag: Mulberry
Necklace: Sabotage


3 responses to “She went to the Pictures. [50’s stylie in the city]

  1. how did you get your hands on a mulberry bag you lucky divil? love the necklace – the whole outfit is very cute? and the hair – magnificent – yo udo it yourself?


  2. I bought it when I used to have money… Oh to live at home again… I had a thing about bags so I got myself a Mulberry and a Miu Miu. We had a fire in our apartment block about a month ago and my boyfriend ran up to get me to leave. He ran back downstairs to get people out of their rooms and I spent about 10 minutes getting my babies together. Apparently I would risk my life for them. It’s almost tragic.

    Also yea, I did my hair myself! I’m kinda super proud of it ’cause I’m a nightmare with hair (hense the wigs) but yea, twas well easy too!

  3. I love it!! so cute!!

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