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She had brown hair. [Warehouse Maxi Dress]

warehouse dress

blonde mid length hairstyle

I’ve been thinking of changing my general head area for a while cause I’m sick of it so I nipped over to Editha in The Style Club last week to see what she could do. I wanted to go Marilyn-blonde but apparently my hair’s too dark so the only thing they’d do is ‘start me off’. I’m still not quite used to it but yea, it’s grand.

Anywho this is a Warehouse dress I bought about two months ago and totally forgot about. I saw it in their campaign and wanted it straight away. Now, it doesn’t look the same on me as it did on the chick in the shots, possibly cause I ain’t no damn stick figure, but I kinda like what it does to the ol curves. It’s funny how you can be well covered up and still feel a lil sexual. My fave.

[What I Wore]Bins weren’t as big as this.

Black and white bathroom

She ate chinese food.

Went to Grogans (again) last night after work and woke up today to a half eaten chow mein and brown hair. My ‘skirt’ is a dress from Penneys, jumper’s from Topshop and shoes I believe are also Topshop. I don’t know where I got the pvc belt. Frankly I’d rather leave it as that.

She drank milk. [Coffee in the Italian Quarter, Dublin]

fashion blog

fashion blog

dublin fashion blog

the boyf

She and him dropped in for coffee on the way to a shoot yesterday. And had a shoot of their own.

Bag: Miu miu
Drug rug: Designers at Debenhams

She prefered onsies to jumpsuits [seventies style date night]

fashion blog

fashion blog

I’m into the 70s vibe it seems at the moment. Wore this new jumpsuit out for ‘date night’ this weekend. May have gone a bit overboard with the Stargazer eye glitter but I think I balanced it with a fairly manky Zara jacket . Fo’ real.

Every outfitters was an Urban Outfitters [Fringe shorts]

Em, hello Urban Outfitters. Today I’ll mostly be buying


fashion blog

Aaaaaaaaaand this:

fashion blog

No thanks I don’t need a bag, I’m going to wear them now with my bra.

*runs out screaming*