She had brown hair. [Warehouse Maxi Dress]

warehouse dress

blonde mid length hairstyle

I’ve been thinking of changing my general head area for a while cause I’m sick of it so I nipped over to Editha in The Style Club last week to see what she could do. I wanted to go Marilyn-blonde but apparently my hair’s too dark so the only thing they’d do is ‘start me off’. I’m still not quite used to it but yea, it’s grand.

Anywho this is a Warehouse dress I bought about two months ago and totally forgot about. I saw it in their campaign and wanted it straight away. Now, it doesn’t look the same on me as it did on the chick in the shots, possibly cause I ain’t no damn stick figure, but I kinda like what it does to the ol curves. It’s funny how you can be well covered up and still feel a lil sexual. My fave.


9 responses to “She had brown hair. [Warehouse Maxi Dress]

  1. Love that dress! Looks great on you too 🙂

  2. It is SO different and looks so good on you in the last pic! (I want to go bleach blonde but I’m a-scared…!)

  3. wow wow wow you look jmazing!!

  4. I hadnt seen it! Its gorgeous!!

  5. I love that s=dress and the hair. I’m wondering what footwear you are wearing with that look?

  6. Love your style Love your writing when can i do photo shoot with you and ash would be so much fun

    Aunti steph x

  7. @metro Thank you! It’s super warm too which makes me very happy.

    @lynds DO IT!

    @the two aislings Yep, that’s new me.

    @nicky I’m wearing a pair of tan boots from Topshop, they’re in a few of my other posts below and I’m basically living in them. My legs aren’t too long (understatement of the century) but they do the trick!

    @steph We very much need to organise this.

  8. proving maxis still got ot goin on x

  9. Man, I love that dress. Really simple but high-impact. Beyootiful!

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