Weekends didn’t mean NUTHIN [New Look launch etc]

Few snaps of Le Weeekend, which was a very lovely one. Headed to the New Look launch in Jervis on Friday night where I bought a few pairs of boots/shoes and a little leopard print coat (see below). Headed to Pintxos, one of my fave tapas bars in Dublin, for a few glasses of wine with a mate and SURPREEZED Marko for his bday

New Look Jervis

New Look’s footwear section: TDF.

New Look party

new look dublin

Champagne cocktails meant more purchases were made.

kimberly walsh new look

Pintxos dublin

New New Look coat.

Free tapas at Pintxos (it was a polite way of saying ‘get out’ when they’re finished).

new look boots

New boots from New Look.

Marko birthday surprise fest ’10.


5 responses to “Weekends didn’t mean NUTHIN [New Look launch etc]

  1. I would like to see more Marko on the blog in future.

    Want more and more
    People just want more and more… x

  2. i’m going to steal your coat when your not looking, but like im being honest and upfront about it x

  3. Fab coat. Must pop over to New Look soon…

  4. ‘Some ugly bitch’

  5. Loves your boots. Loves lil Marko’s happy face.

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