She was the worst blogger ever. [Forever 21 comes to Dublin]

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Sorry, I’ve been the worst wordpress based girlfriend ever. I’ve been preeety busy trying to keep my hat on through the proverbial storm and do more workie work (the stuff what pays the bills). However I’ll be doing my bit again tonight to save the world and bring images of me quaffing free cocktails and admiring cheap knee high socks to the masses (or at least to anyone who reads my blog). The Forever 21 launch is tonight, hot on the heels of New Look in Jervis (and indeed on top of New Look in Jervis) and saturating our green isle with more California based generic style, not that I’m complaining. It’ll be open to EVERYBODY tomorrow at nine, so break that piggy bank and get yourself there.

Ps. Watched Fade Street last night, I’m not sure I have words…


8 responses to “She was the worst blogger ever. [Forever 21 comes to Dublin]

  1. fade street…there are no words!

  2. Oh no, I totally forgot to watch it! Good ‘not sure I have words’ or bad ‘not sure I have words’?

  3. Aw fade street, please find the words…

  4. No you didn’t Lyndsay, you just miss Ireland!!!!

    I dunno, I wanted to like it, I really, really did. I wanted it to be my guilty pleasure and I also selfishly wanted to see how many times I was spotted crawling home in the series (unforch just the boyf was on it, when Dani is walking into that dingy apartment. I can say ‘dingy’ because a) I live beside it and my apartment is the same and b) they don’t actually live there.) But it was truly awful to be fair, bad acting which I’m going to blame on an even worse script of course. It didn’t even try to make sense; the ‘Cici’ meet up, the 2am phone call from Stellar, the whole apartment thing… I know they just wanted to piss by everything so they could get into the bitching and the cheating and the mixed up relationships but it was just lazy. It just makes me sad because I know people who are pushing to make something really different for RTE, and this has priority cause they can get more money from sponsors… Dublin looked nice though I must say. I’m not gonna go on cause it’s just tired now (see #fadest on Twitter, though the people defending it possibly know someone involved in it… I don’t know that for certain, but Dublin’s a small place.) I’ll leave you with “Cause it’s aimed at 18 to 34 year olds and I’m in that age bracket”. Shame.

    • Yeah you’re probably right! I did think Dublin looked lovely (I certainly don’t remember it looking half as good a few years ago) and I forced my roommate to watch it just so she could see. I’m a hardcore Hills fan though (yes, for shame, I know…) and I was expecting it to be a lot worse. Maybe I was just amused by it all? Who knows…

  5. dang, shoulda introd myself at forever 21.
    saw enough promo stuff for fade street to know that i would have an anxiety attack whilst watching it so conscientiously avoiding it.

  6. Where are you? Are you ever coming back?

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