Check out my stuff.

You might be getting a pain in your behind just looking at pictures of my clothes on this blog, but really, that’s what I do the blog for so beat it. But if you are, I’ve decided today is the day when you don’t have to look at over processed pics of my shoes, and instead you can look at over processed pictures of stuff I don’t wear on my feet! Here are 7, count’em, 7 things that I really like from around my house.

1) Blasphemy

2) Collection of personally photoshopped Jeff Golblum stuff.

3) Sewing Machine

4) Optimus Prime/Pez/Coca cola truck/Lego crew (with special guest star tealights).

5) Soma Bottle (Pompous Maximus)

6) Monroe


I feel this choonage is apt for this post. Cause it says ‘apartment’.


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