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She was green with envy [Alexa Chung in l’Officiel]

I don’t like Alexa Chung very much. She’s overplayed and not even that good of a choon. However when I saw her in the September issue of l’Officiel I MAY have changed mine. Luckily I’m not very good at french.

Alexa Chung l'officiel

Alexa Chung l'officiel

Alexa Chung l'officiel

Alexa Chung l'officiel


She shopped in the real world. [Olivia Palermo]

Bought this hat on on Wednesday. It’s currently in Athlone. Here it is modeled by the uber stylish Olivia Palermo. We’re the spit of each other. Cough.

And this is just cause she’s a hot piece of ass:

She wore hats. [Erin Wasson Style]

There’s not a fashion blogger out there who would nay say Erin Wasson’s personal style. The woman is a hundred times more captivating standing at the side of the road in jeans than she is half naked in a William Rast commercial.

Her style is going to be huge by the looks of things however it’s difficult to pull off.

You have to exert suaveness, with a touch of nonchalance and finish it off with a dash of diffidence. A challenge in any man’s language.

Failing that get yourself a big fur coat and a floppy hat and make eye contact with no one. See Acne’s pre SS collection beneath. Or get the look with AWear’s new boho range.

Acne Pre SS collection:

AWear fur gillet:

She spoke a million lies, a million songs, a million rights, a million wrongs.

Two words: Girl. Crush. And in a serious way. I don’t know much about this force, (except that she’s Sting’s offspring), but I’d like to order two of her with a chocolate malt.

Note to self: Become very obsessed with Coco Sumner.