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[What I wore Wednesday] She frequented the local.

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A little drink at the local and a quiet stroll home

Coat: Vintage (My mom’s!)
Dress: Penneys
Feather thing: Zara
Boots: River Island (the best thing about winter)
Bag: Some shop in Santa Barbara

She knew Bardot [Awear Autumn 2010]

Bit late to the party but here’s Awear’s Autumn 2010 collection. Penney’s did a version of that little pink coat last year, with a cutesie dress to match. Mmm hmm, on the ball yet again. HATE the shoes with a passion. Love the shortness of the dresses/coats collab. Bags are cute too but not very me… Model’s hot.

In stores now.

[What I wore Wednesday] She took a stroll on George’s Street.

Happy hump day! (Whatever that means) Theses are some of the ‘fits I wore during the week. As you can see it wasn’t a very eventful one. That shirt’s an xxx large from Pennys which I oft wear to bed (I wash it before I leave the house) and the ickle green belt is from Wildchild, which I saw is getting itself together for it’s new place!

The cardy in the top two photos was on sale in Topshop for a steelie 15 quid. It will be my Winter staple.

My bag is last year’s Jasper Conran and is too heavy for me to carry long distances.


Note: Shout out to Augustine Blofeld for the pics.
Ye happy now? x

She accessorized with grass stains. [AW Accessories]

AW accessories you can start buying me…nnnnnnnnnNOW!

It’s a harness. A HARNESS. (

I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted something like this since I was ten…or twenty… (

I would also like this in chair form. (New Look)

I lost a Vuitton similar to this about two years ago. I have yet to get over it. (Givenchy at House of Fraser)

I’ve several envelope clutches already, but seeing as though it’s a trend and all… (YSL at HoF)

Layering please, and lots of it. (House of Fraser)

Her best friend’s name was Chloe

I am currently putting all my change into an oversized Kaiserdom beer can in the hopes that someday I’ll have enough money to buy Chloe’s new Ethel satchel. It’s about €850 and on last count I had totted up 35 quid. You do the math. I go to visit it every other day in BTs, sometimes I daydream that they’ll take pity on me and say something along the lines of ‘It’s yours, petal’.