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She was the worst blogger ever. [Forever 21 comes to Dublin]

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Sorry, I’ve been the worst wordpress based girlfriend ever. I’ve been preeety busy trying to keep my hat on through the proverbial storm and do more workie work (the stuff what pays the bills). However I’ll be doing my bit again tonight to save the world and bring images of me quaffing free cocktails and admiring cheap knee high socks to the masses (or at least to anyone who reads my blog). The Forever 21 launch is tonight, hot on the heels of New Look in Jervis (and indeed on top of New Look in Jervis) and saturating our green isle with more California based generic style, not that I’m complaining. It’ll be open to EVERYBODY tomorrow at nine, so break that piggy bank and get yourself there.

Ps. Watched Fade Street last night, I’m not sure I have words…