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Colonel Graffiti

Yep, I can safely say I’ll be wearing these shoes every day for the next four months. Comfy too.

Jumpsuit: Penneys
Jacket: Zara
Scarf: The mothers
Shoes: PPQ for Office
Bag: RI

She was the worst blogger ever. [Forever 21 comes to Dublin]

dublin fashion blog

Sorry, I’ve been the worst wordpress based girlfriend ever. I’ve been preeety busy trying to keep my hat on through the proverbial storm and do more workie work (the stuff what pays the bills). However I’ll be doing my bit again tonight to save the world and bring images of me quaffing free cocktails and admiring cheap knee high socks to the masses (or at least to anyone who reads my blog). The Forever 21 launch is tonight, hot on the heels of New Look in Jervis (and indeed on top of New Look in Jervis) and saturating our green isle with more California based generic style, not that I’m complaining. It’ll be open to EVERYBODY tomorrow at nine, so break that piggy bank and get yourself there.

Ps. Watched Fade Street last night, I’m not sure I have words…

[What I wore Wednesday] She frequented the local.

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A little drink at the local and a quiet stroll home

Coat: Vintage (My mom’s!)
Dress: Penneys
Feather thing: Zara
Boots: River Island (the best thing about winter)
Bag: Some shop in Santa Barbara

She caught her favourite dress in a slide [Penneys Winter 2010]

Printed chiffon maxi dress €25.00 in store mid October worn with cable knit cropped jumper €12.00 due in store mid September colours: cream/purple/mustard and skinny bow belt €2.00 in store mid October colours: tan/black and clog shoe boot €23.00 due in store mid September in black/tan  all from the Penneys Winter Collection for 2010/11.

Long sleeve printed playsuit €17.00 due  in store mid September worn with embellished turn lock x-body bag €11.00 due in store beg November and skinny bow waisted belt €2.00 in store mid October Ð colours: tan/black.   Socks 3 pack €3.00 in store now.

Jacquard elastic waist trousers €15.00 due in store beg November worn with music theme tee shirt €8.00 due in store beg September and multi faux fur jacket €35.00 due in store end October. 3 strap buckle boots €23.00 due in store beg November colours: chocolate/black.   Bird ring €3.00 in store beg October.

Who the HELL is styling Penneys’ campaign shots?! Ow my frekin’ ears! *Appalause* *SERIOUS frekin applause*

She would never wear beige [H&M lookbook A/W 2010]

(Couldn’t love this any mroe if I tried)

I don’t know how I haven’t seen some of these lookbook shots yet but I should say that I fair lost my shit when I did. Sadly I feel I’m almost over the camel cape thing (mm hmm, two weeks after getting mine… the fickle world) and aviator jackets are possibly going to be worn by the world and his mother come October (yes, I was late night shopping in Penneys last night… which was almost scarier than the movie I was on my way to).

H&M’s AW line is harking out to Celine and Chloe evidently, it’s all about silhoettes and shapes rather than letting the prints speak for themselves. It’s all very…dare I say… 30s. And I don’t mean the era. At the moment I’m for a fashion ball of supreeze -chic and tailored on the outside, possible madhouse escapee on the inside, hence why I’ll be sticking with jumpsuits, prints, tees and ruffles. You ain’t gonna see me near no high-waisted beige pant for at least another 20-30 years. You have my word.

She knew Bardot [Awear Autumn 2010]

Bit late to the party but here’s Awear’s Autumn 2010 collection. Penney’s did a version of that little pink coat last year, with a cutesie dress to match. Mmm hmm, on the ball yet again. HATE the shoes with a passion. Love the shortness of the dresses/coats collab. Bags are cute too but not very me… Model’s hot.

In stores now.

She could tell the time. [Vintage Military at Dorothy Perkins]

Mix bangle set, Dorothy Perkins, €18