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She saw the rain and knew the summer was gone.

I posted one pic from this Elle shoot a while back but looking through it again I decided the whole thing needs to be seen. It’s so inspiring and makes you feel like you can take on the Irish winter and come out still feeling fabulous, which as as comforting as a great big wooly onsie.

She appreciated historical authenticity and visual style [Mad Men Rolling Stone]

Apparently I’ve a bit of a tendency to obsess. It started quite innocently with a doll named Cliona, it then escalated to trapping the tooth fairy, a few years later it was acting out scenes in Buffy before I finally went on to the harder stuff; gay men, corsets, and drugs. And yes, there is a possibility I’m mixing myself up with Liza Minnelli in this nostalgic brainwrong, but to be fair she is another one of my not-so-secret obsessions.

Anywho, like every self-respecting DCU graduate, I am now wholly obsessed with box-sets. I go to Laser more times a week than I have hot showers, in fact me and Laser-dude (that is his full name) have this wink-and-a-nod thing we do every time we overhear some idiot American dude saying Synecdoche wasn’t as good as he expected it to be (okay that happened once). The past three, possibly four years have been riddled with box-set fests, so much so that I have trouble remembering certain milestones in my life without stemming them in a season (and by that I don’t mean spring/summer).

You may not have seen my puke-up-a-pelvic-bone-with-excitement post about Boardwalk Empire a few weeks ago, if not, start your nerd lessons here. Mad Men will be my new obsession. And so, I appreciate Rolling Stone Magazine feeding it.

The attention to detail, from conversational idiom to collar-point widths, is evident in every episode. The prop team blows you away. There are stacks of old Look magazines, genuine expense-report sheets and receipts from a business trip (hotel: $2.80; cab to restaurant: $1.12; dinner: $19.44).

Check the entire feature here.

She loved to say ‘I told you so’. [ trends hotlist]

Sarah Wilkinson, head of design at compiled her ‘Hotlist’ for Autumn/Winter. It’s very much what I expected but take a look at the fantastic graphics to go along with it.I picked out five of the ten pieces, see the others here. (Click image to enlarge)

She wore hats. [Erin Wasson Style]

There’s not a fashion blogger out there who would nay say Erin Wasson’s personal style. The woman is a hundred times more captivating standing at the side of the road in jeans than she is half naked in a William Rast commercial.

Her style is going to be huge by the looks of things however it’s difficult to pull off.

You have to exert suaveness, with a touch of nonchalance and finish it off with a dash of diffidence. A challenge in any man’s language.

Failing that get yourself a big fur coat and a floppy hat and make eye contact with no one. See Acne’s pre SS collection beneath. Or get the look with AWear’s new boho range.

Acne Pre SS collection:

AWear fur gillet:

She bought Bunty Magazine.

Last night I treated myself to some phish food, R&B, and the September issues of the trinity. I was literally consumed by fashion lit and although I still haven’t had time to process each publication and every feature, I feel a lot more inspired and less uptight (for some reason?).

Everyone went scatty for the obvious in Vanity Fair -Gaga’s 6 page fashion orgasm (which I will say is stunning, although I am quite bored of her face now) but I zoned in on another little piece of style. Sadly there was only room for one DPS, so here’s the rest of the shoot. These are the girls that will have you tuning into Terry Winter’s (of The Sopranos) new series, Boardwalk Empire, every week. It’ll be helped by the fact that Steve Buscemi plays the lead however, and also won’t hurt by the fact that Scorsese is a guest director. Babes in Mobland by Ellen Von Unwerth.


She hardly knew Italian Vogue

I said I wasn’t going to cover high fashion on this blog, but here we are. It’s just the way I’m feeling I’m afraid. This is on of my favourite ever shoots. It appeared in the April ’09 ed of IV, it’s by Steven Klein, and it makes me want to scream….amongst other things…