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She caught her favourite dress in a slide [Penneys Winter 2010]

Printed chiffon maxi dress €25.00 in store mid October worn with cable knit cropped jumper €12.00 due in store mid September colours: cream/purple/mustard and skinny bow belt €2.00 in store mid October colours: tan/black and clog shoe boot €23.00 due in store mid September in black/tan  all from the Penneys Winter Collection for 2010/11.

Long sleeve printed playsuit €17.00 due  in store mid September worn with embellished turn lock x-body bag €11.00 due in store beg November and skinny bow waisted belt €2.00 in store mid October Ð colours: tan/black.   Socks 3 pack €3.00 in store now.

Jacquard elastic waist trousers €15.00 due in store beg November worn with music theme tee shirt €8.00 due in store beg September and multi faux fur jacket €35.00 due in store end October. 3 strap buckle boots €23.00 due in store beg November colours: chocolate/black.   Bird ring €3.00 in store beg October.

Who the HELL is styling Penneys’ campaign shots?! Ow my frekin’ ears! *Appalause* *SERIOUS frekin applause*

She would never wear beige [H&M lookbook A/W 2010]

(Couldn’t love this any mroe if I tried)

I don’t know how I haven’t seen some of these lookbook shots yet but I should say that I fair lost my shit when I did. Sadly I feel I’m almost over the camel cape thing (mm hmm, two weeks after getting mine… the fickle world) and aviator jackets are possibly going to be worn by the world and his mother come October (yes, I was late night shopping in Penneys last night… which was almost scarier than the movie I was on my way to).

H&M’s AW line is harking out to Celine and Chloe evidently, it’s all about silhoettes and shapes rather than letting the prints speak for themselves. It’s all very…dare I say… 30s. And I don’t mean the era. At the moment I’m for a fashion ball of supreeze -chic and tailored on the outside, possible madhouse escapee on the inside, hence why I’ll be sticking with jumpsuits, prints, tees and ruffles. You ain’t gonna see me near no high-waisted beige pant for at least another 20-30 years. You have my word.

She knew Bardot [Awear Autumn 2010]

Bit late to the party but here’s Awear’s Autumn 2010 collection. Penney’s did a version of that little pink coat last year, with a cutesie dress to match. Mmm hmm, on the ball yet again. HATE the shoes with a passion. Love the shortness of the dresses/coats collab. Bags are cute too but not very me… Model’s hot.

In stores now.

She loved to say ‘I told you so’. [ trends hotlist]

Sarah Wilkinson, head of design at compiled her ‘Hotlist’ for Autumn/Winter. It’s very much what I expected but take a look at the fantastic graphics to go along with it.I picked out five of the ten pieces, see the others here. (Click image to enlarge)

Her ‘key piece’ was her blankie.

There’s SFA I enjoy about the Autumn/Winter season here in Ireland (aka just winter). Only today did I wake up to the sunshine, joyfully pulled on a wee little lace dress and a pair of flat boots, content in the knowledge that I would look whispy and carefree for the day. Two hours later I was jumping over puddles and not-so-gracefully stumbling into a Brown Thomas press event.

However, I have literally peed my Provocateurs in excitement for this winter. And do you know why?…

Wool. Mmm hmm. Wool.

I don’t know what happened… Maybe on a subconscious level watching my mom k1 p2 a bonnet and cardi for my 3 month old niece has me in a state of regression? Or maybe it’s the catwalks that made wool look so damn warm and…wait for it… sexy?

Anyhoodlum, that’s just one of my many infats this season. Here’s the rest of the looks you’ll find me sporting from now until at least the end of May. Let’s get the wool out of the way first I suppose.

#1 Wool Onsie (Wonsie)

I think it’s fair to say my mother will be putting away the baby patterns and moving on to the big league this season. (D&G appearing in Elle)

#2 Chunky knit

I’ve never seen something like this look so damn sexy, and so this is the way I will be wearing ALL my chunky knits this season… Ok, I might add some tights and a hat… (Stella McCartney)

#3 Cape (or Capette)

I have this on hold in Warehouse as I type! Talk about your all-time cover up. It’s sacreligious that I haven’t invested in one already. (Warehouse)

#4 Holdups (and the Chinti & Parker lookbook in general)

Holdups, wedges and a massife chunky knit. What is not to love about this?? I’ve already bought two pairs in Topshop. Now to buy another five and rotate like the dickens! (Chinti and Parker)

#5 Utility pants

I like these, and I’m sick of jeans, therefore I should buy them, right? Right? (Topshop)

#6 F me shoes

Possibly my favourite thing about winter. Getting away with thigh high, stripper, or laced to the max leather boots, failing that, having a spine as a heel. Everything about winter shoeboots rocks my woolie socks off. (Dsquared)

#7 Maxi skirt/The new maxi dress

Right, I’ve tried this on. When the shop assistant handed it to me I thought; this chick knows as well as I know that this thing ain’t going near me, lest I look like the result of an apprentice meat packer’s first day alone with the machine. But I made my delicate way through the curtain with a nod and a wince, and pulled that mofo over my head on a wing and a prayer. Then I did a very subtle, but very real, dance. This dance means I like it. And into the ‘drobe it goes. (Warehouse)

#8 Grunge hair & make-up

I don’t look like this girl, but by God will I strive to.

So, what will you be wearing this season?

Topshop was the only stop.

And it pretty much still is, even though I didn’t lose my shit when I saw the lookbook for AW. There are a few key pieces here that I have to get my hands on: the tight high-waisted leather mini, those MASSIVE block heels, the sheer black dress. And I swear to God I had a dream about those VERY PANTS in that 2nd photo there last week. I definately did.

Miss Selfridge was hit and miss

…And it still is. Some of the shots from the Autumn lookbook are seriously dodgy, while lots of the other are just, ‘meh’. On t’other hand there are some gems, hence why I always keep them on my shopping route. This first dress especially from their hippie luxe range is well worth rummaging through crap for.

This would be tough to wear with curves. Boo.

Sophisticated with a side of Badass. 10 points.