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Oh Karla…

So I’ve decided to go back to blogging. Here’s why:


Zara lace dress, Royal Wedding & Eggs…

It has been an eventful week. Along with the above I’ve also sent the summer edition of B Mag to sleep. In did, in fact, nearly kill me. But the sun’s been out loads and I’m planning on moving soon so all is not shit.

Got this dress in Zara in Berlin a few weeks ago and love the handiness of it!

street style blog dublin
Here’s a more detailed view of my chest the lace.

The Royal Wedding brought out the Princess in every girl in the office on Friday.

Easter Sunday in the ‘rent’s back garden!

Monday Evening Dublin Pubs

I had what some would call a ‘rough’ day yesterday -a direct result of ‘kicking’ the sugar habit when I invested in a Canderel dispenser. Anyways, I figure the way to counter this dip in sugar levels and, consequently, dip in personality, is to hit the pub for a sneaky post-work stabilizer. Mulligans is between my bus stop and apartment and does a daycent pint of a Monday night.

*Secret necklace fact: I have a liquorice treat inside the bag!

I’ve started reading Brave New World, colour me anxious for the future.

Tommy Ton’s Paris Street Style

Colourful inspiration for the weekend.

(Not quite so colourful but I needed to share this)

See you on t’other side. x

And while we’re at it -Asos SS 2011

If you are prone to spending money on shit you don’t need but that look pretty, look away now. Here are the campaign shots from Asos SS collection.


Street Snap

I was heading over for a sneaky Thrusday snifter last week when I was stopped in my enthusiastic tracks by a spiffing young man by the name of Stephen, who kindly asked to take my photie. Luckily through my my awesome powers of STALKING I registered that he was not in fact another crazy loon with a canon, and that he was the author of one of my fave Irish fashion blogs Stiches, Fabric and Soul. I wonder if he knew that if he’d had asked me to write ‘Trashbag’ on my face in mushy peas and jump on a plate of Coppinger Row’s calamari I would have done so with a smile on my face for him?

Stephen’s kind words:

I’m just going out on a limb here. . .

. . . thinking that Rumi Neely of fashiontoast is a possible style influence for this woman.
To be honest though, the initial reason I took this photo was because of the skirt length. It just seems so current, despite the hems offered by Isabel Marant, Balmain, et al for the current and upcoming seasons. After that though, everything else became much more apparent – the plausible Jeffrey Campbell shoes (though, and don’t hate me, I think they’re Topshop), the leopard print, the statement jewels, and ombre hair.
It’s great to see her translate this very tough and gothic style to our shores, all the time channelling her inspiration.

I got a new watch

It was my birthday the other day so I bought myself a watch. A big one.

Also, hi again.