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She was the worst blogger ever. [Forever 21 comes to Dublin]

dublin fashion blog

Sorry, I’ve been the worst wordpress based girlfriend ever. I’ve been preeety busy trying to keep my hat on through the proverbial storm and do more workie work (the stuff what pays the bills). However I’ll be doing my bit again tonight to save the world and bring images of me quaffing free cocktails and admiring cheap knee high socks to the masses (or at least to anyone who reads my blog). The Forever 21 launch is tonight, hot on the heels of New Look in Jervis (and indeed on top of New Look in Jervis) and saturating our green isle with more California based generic style, not that I’m complaining. It’ll be open to EVERYBODY tomorrow at nine, so break that piggy bank and get yourself there.

Ps. Watched Fade Street last night, I’m not sure I have words…

Weekends didn’t mean NUTHIN [New Look launch etc]

Few snaps of Le Weeekend, which was a very lovely one. Headed to the New Look launch in Jervis on Friday night where I bought a few pairs of boots/shoes and a little leopard print coat (see below). Headed to Pintxos, one of my fave tapas bars in Dublin, for a few glasses of wine with a mate and SURPREEZED Marko for his bday

New Look Jervis

New Look’s footwear section: TDF.

New Look party

new look dublin

Champagne cocktails meant more purchases were made.

kimberly walsh new look

Pintxos dublin

New New Look coat.

Free tapas at Pintxos (it was a polite way of saying ‘get out’ when they’re finished).

new look boots

New boots from New Look.

Marko birthday surprise fest ’10.

Kicking leaves was a sport.

Went out to *insert name of somewhere near Renelagh here* for dinner at a mates and had a rare oul’ time kicking leaves. That’s what I miss most about living in the city in Autumn, anything you kick in town could land you in the nick.

Necklace: Rampage
Socks & Parka: H&M
Boots & Jumper: Topshop
Hat: Motha Russia
Bag: Jasper Conran

[What I wore] FAME street was just around the corner.

fade street dublin

This is me on the street were I live before I was STRUCK DOWN with a tummy bug. I have drank 4 litres of flat 7up in as many days and I’m none too happy about it. I looked back on these photos from my death bed at about 5am Monday morning and immedately saw the onset of a virus. State of my cake.

In other news this street is about to be made VERY famous by Ireland’s ‘answer’ to MTV’s The Hills. I don’t think I’ll be partaking in the watching of Fade Street however, as a) I know too much of what went on ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak and b) I’m far too hooked on Take Me Out to even THINK about another Irish TV show.

Glasses: Asos
Pants: Wild Child
Top & Shoes: Topshop
Cardi: H&M
Scarf: American Apparel